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John Hunter-Murray

John Hunter-Murray

ohn Hunter-Murray is the chief Executive Coach and Mentor for Human Dynamic India. John trained at Fordham University, New York, in Psychology and pastoral ministry. He has over 25 years of counseling, coaching and mentoring experience in the USA, Australian and UK business world. In 1983, Rupert Murdoch, the media icon, relocated John to London where he initiated a coaching and mentoring service for the journalists and staff of The Times, Sunday Times, Sun and News of the World and other News Corporation publications.

After ten years, he resigned to set-up his own Consultancy -MCM Network. Rothschild’s, HarperCollins Publishers, Time-Life International, The Economist and others became his clients for counseling, mentoring, training and coaching. In 2000, he returned to Australia where he continued his work with a variety of companies, including a major part of the Australian Coal Industry and Australia’s leading Design and Industry Company.

He joined the Executive Board of Human Dynamic Asia Pacific in 2003. He was relocated to India in December 2005 as an Executive Coach, Trainer and Director. He is based in Bangalore.

John is uniquely qualified as an Executive Coach and Trainer with an understanding and experience of blue-chip corporations and the business world. Coupled with his practical knowledge of psychology, his experience as an NLP Trainer, and his natural ability to establish rapport and trust, John is preeminently a ‘people-person’. He is indeed a remarkable man with extraordinary gifts and experience.

When coaching Executives, John keeps well to the forefront the Business context and goals to be achieved. Both the organization and the executive are the client.
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