You learn how to

  • Recognise thinking preferences
  • Find the appropriate preferences for each job
  • Create job descriptions and job ad's in thinking preferences
  • Diagnose problems in teams and introducing solutions
  • Design ideal teams
  • Utilise results in coaching and training
  • Utilise results in change management
  • Identify interesting combinations, like e.g. the different kinds of dominance
  • Recognise problematic patterns (e.g. burnout, self-sabotage etc.) and how to deal with them

The outline of the training:

Day 1: 14.00 h -19.00 h
a.  What is the Identity Compass?
b.  What are Thinking Preferences?
c.  Frequent combinations
d.  Presentation plus Discussion

Day 2: 09.00 h -14.00 h
a.  JobMotivation, measuring the working climate
b.  Measuring Engagement and Productivity
c.  How to interpret Profiles
d.  Relevance in Coaching, in Training, in Recruitment, etc
e.  Value of IC as instrument

Day 3: 09.00 h -14.00 h
a.  How to interpret Profiles
b.  The IC as a Business
c.  Follow-up and Ongoing support
d.  New developments

The training will be conducted by Arne Maus.

27-11-2020 - 29-11-2020